Private American Transfer to Merida

Pax One Way Round Trip
1-3 $1163.79* $1551.72*
4-7 $1168.10* $1560.34*
8-10 $1172.41* $1570.65*
*Plus Tax
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Private Airport Transfer to Merida

With us you can always book with confidence because we always deliver Over the past couple of years.Speedy Shuttle Cancun has been helping travelers here in Cancun have even become the people's choice.The timing of your pickup, whether early or late,is never a problem with us as our vehicles operate 24/7.For effectiveness,not only do our vehicles work 24/7,our customer care representatives are also on hand to respond to your inquiries and requests at any time of the day.You can reach us a via the live chat at the bottom of the page, contact us via our telephone numbers or just shoot us a mail.We typically respond in few minutes.If you would like to find out more about traveling to Cancun,check out our Cancun info pages.There you'll get every bit of information,travel tips, maps and more you could ever need. so early and late pickups are no problem.


Included all hotels:Akumal Beach Resort,Cabanas Copal,Club Akumal Caribe,Grand Palladium,Grand Sirenis,Hacienda de la Tortuga,Hidden Beach,Hotel Akumal Caribe,if you don't see your hotel,Villas,House,Aparments,please contact us for more information!

Cancun Airport Transfers with Speedy Shuttle Cancun

Hotel to hotel request:We understand that it doesn't always have to be about moving to the airport so, if you're not going to the airport and only want to change hotels, you can still count us to get you covered.Get a quote here at Reservation@Speedy Shuttle

Why book with us? What makes AmericanTransfers special?

We've  been delivering topnotch airport transfer services in Cancun for over a decade and have been the people's choice for that long.This goes to prove that we good at what we do.We're earned the people's trust and want to earn yours too.We also pride ourselves on our customer service,and we are all committed to service-just ask our customers.

While we'll always be at the airport when you need us, we understand that the airport can be abnormally crowded at times and as such, we provide you with a toll-free number to help you if for any reason you have difficulties locating our staff.Inside in the airport you may find lots of people trying to sell you just about anything.Simply walk away if you're not interested.Our staff would be there holding a sing in your name with the Speedy Shuttle Cancun logo on.

On arrival, you can make full cash payment to the driver: US Dollars, Mexican Pesos, or Canadian Dollars (CND cash only at a rate 1.30 CDN = 1 USD, for those clients arriving into Cancun on any WESTJET, AIR CANADA, AIR TRANSAT or SUNWING flight. No other flights, airlines will be allowed to pay in CDN). You can also ask us for a link to pay securely on line.


100 Private transfers.

Non-stop direct transfers.

Airport greeters. English speaker drivers.

Flexible payment options.

Vehicles can hold max 10 people regardless of age.

Prices are on a "per VEHICLE" basis not per person.

AC vehicles, fully insured and authorized by the Cancun Airport Authorities.

Prices include airport fees and parking.

Gratuities at your discretion.

Private Airport Transfer to Merida

Terminal 4

As you exit the airport at Terminal 4, you will see all the greeters team with signs in front of you. All Flight Included In Terminal 4.Lufthansa, Frontier Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Sun Country Airlines, Tomas Cook, Airtransat, Condor, WestJet, Air Europa, South West Airlines, Interjet, Aero Mexico and Tomas Cook Scandinavia.

To the right is the Air Margaritaville Snack Shop and to the left is the Meeting Point (more like an outdoor lounge).

The Berry Hill Baja Grill is to the left also and services the Meeting Point.

Terminal 3

As you exit the airport at Terminal 3, you will see all the greeters team with signs in front of you.

To the right is the Air Margaritaville Snack Shop and to the left is the Meeting Point (more like an outdoor lounge).

The Berry Hill Baja Grill is to the left also and services the Meeting Point.

If you are arriving at Terminal 2, as you exit the airport you can only go straight or to the right. Look to the right to find our greeter holding a sign with the Speedy Shuttle Cancun logo on it. He will call for your vehicle.

Around the corner to the far right is the Meeting Bar, and past that is the snack bar and shuttle that takes you to Terminal 3 if you need to go there.

T2 Terminal 2

MFMeeting friends on other flights

If you are meeting others on different flights and arriving at the same terminal you can hang out at one of the meeting bars outside. The first group should find our greeters and let them know where you are. If you are arriving at different terminals the first group will need to go over to the other terminal. You can walk from one terminal to the other… it is about a 10-15 minute walk with luggage or takes the free shuttle that goes every 20 minutes between the two terminals.

Private Airport Transfer to Merida

Private Airport Transfer to Merida

Can I call this 1-800 number from my hotel to confirm my departure?

No. It is for those lost at the airport. Also your hotel will charge around $10 usd just to connect you to a 833-352-5893 number which is forwarded to my arrival guys at the airport. They cannot help you in any way. On the confirmation voucher is our local numbers, and USA numbers 641-532-7476 or our email.

Can you have drinks waiting for us in the vehicle?

If you are going south the driver will be happy to stop at the 7/11 or you can grad a cold drink before loading into the vehicle right at the airport.

Can you take us to a restaurant or supermarket before going to our hotel?

Of course! Just email us your request and we will give you a quote for any restaurant. For the grocery stop, it is an extra $25 for each hour or partial hour. Usually, 1 hour is sufficient. It must be booked ahead of time. We will take you to the most logical store (Superama, or Walmart in Cancun, or Playa Del Carmen) on the way to your hotel. We can also go to and from between hotels, parks, shopping, etc.

Do you have child seats?

Yes we have BUT we can never guarantee to have it for you. It is 99%  for sure but sometimes flights are delayed, traffic, changes in schedules etc and the vehicle with the child seat is held up. We do our best but sometimes things are out of our control. If you MUST have one, it is best to bring yours from home. Our child seats are the baby-style, rated for up to 40 lbs front-facing. We do not have the booster-style seats. Only 2 car seats per vehicle.

Do you take people to other cities or just Cancun?

We take you almost anywhere! Please click on the other destinations above. Email us for a price if you don’t see your city.

How do I know you have my reservation?

You will receive e-mails from us. The two, one is for the arrival portion, and the other for the departure service. These two confirmation vouchers contain all the directions, phone numbers, amounts due, etc. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us.

How do we find our driver?

We have uniformed staff (see above) at the airport to greet you (greeters). They hold a sign with the Speedy Shuttle Cancun logo on it. Our team is always around. Once we have you they call the driver who is parked in the main parking lot. All this info is on the confirmation voucher we send you.

How long does it take to get to my location?

Cancun Hotel Zone.It all depends on traffic conditions and weather,the trip generally takes between 1/2 hr or 45 minutes, farther you go it is longer, between 1 hour 2 hours depends on the location you go.

If I Travel just myself I have to pay the full price?

Yes the prices are based on 1-3 per persons 4-7 or 8-10 per persons.

What are Cancun tips?

Traveling to a new country can be an emotional challenge, especially if it’s your first time abroad. With more and more U.S.citizens making their ways to Cancun & Riviera Maya, to visit the wonderful attractions of Mexico, being in the know about what to expect will only make things go that much smoother.

What if my flight is delayed?

We will monitor your flight. You only need to contact us if you will arrive on a different flight.

What if we can not find our driver or reception person?

Our staff is always there. Odds are they are just loading up another family into a vehicle. On the arrival confirmation voucher, we will send you, there is a toll-free number for you to dial from the airport. All you need to do is download WhatsApp to contact us is free.

What is Airport Transfers?

Airport transfer are usually prepaid [through the travel agent or booking service], although they can also be arranged sometimes for separate payment.

What is the usual tip?

$3 or $5 or $7 max it depends how you feel to tip a guy greets to you. Tip for the driver IF he helps you with your bags, explains things to you along the way or leaves you alone if that is what you prefer. Drivers depend HEAVILY on tips, but they know they must earn them, much like waiters. In the end, you can tip whatever, if you want and whomever you want.

What is Tours and Activities?

Are you planning to do something different than lying down on the beach all day Cancun & and Riviera Maya has plenty of different options to choose from and you can make it as low-key or high-energy as you want. Cancun & Riviera Maya offers a wide selection of tours and activities on the water and land

Who do I pay, how and when?

You pay the driver at the airport in full. Amounts are in US Dollars (no coins or bills that are torn or marked as we can’t exchange them here). No traveler checks. We accept Mexican pesos (check with your driver for the current exchange rate). We accept Canadian Dollars (cash only) at a rate 1.25 CAD = 1 USD for those clients arriving into Cancun on any WESTJET, AIR CANADA, AIR TRANSAT or SUNWING flight. No other flights, airlines will be allowed to pay in CDN. To make it simple we round down to the nearest $0 or $5. Example a USD balance of $65 x 1.25 equals $81.25 CDN. Your balance would be $80 CDN. Pay driver EXACT amount as NO CHARGE in CDN will be given. Anything more will be considered a tip.

You can also pay online.

**Check your departure voucher, as it already shows a zero balance. We assume you will be paying in full upon arrival.

Will the driver have take us directly are hotel?

Yes. It is a private transfer no worries at all.

Private Airport Transfer to Merida

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