Public Bus Tips

Playa del Carmen has a public bus system just like every city in the world. Of course many of the buses in use are not in as good shape as the ones you are used to and some of the drivers think their buses are formula-1 race cars but it is the cheapest way to get around in Playa. Playa del carmen public buses are in the best shape of all the public bus systems in the Peninsula. The Playa del Carmen bus system works just like any city bus system, sorta.

You find a main street and look for a bus stop sign. Usually a blue or black sign with a picture of a bus. Stand there and wait. A bus will stop, you get on and pay.

NOTE: If you know the bus you want and you see it coming, wave your arms and the driver will stop for you, usually. COST: $10 pesos per ride. Peso coins only. American dollar bills are okay but expect not to receive any change unless you ask; even then you may not get it. You will receive a bus ticket. You used to have to keep your bus ticket to be collected later but they no longer do this. Know where you are going or at least know the destination. Look out the window and watch for your intended location. If you hear anybody speaking your language on the bus ask them if they know your destination and how far, what side of the road. When you get to your destination move quickly. Ring the dinger if it works. If it doesn't work scream stop [Spanish: bajan which means I want to get off or alto means stop] and move to the door and exit.

NOTE: Do not relly on asking the driver to stop at your destination. Even if you do and the driver says okay, chances are he will forget. You will not know and end up at the end of the line in the middle of nowhere, wondering what to do next when the driver gets off the bus for a tequila or lunch break.

In the Playa Centro zone you can take any bus to go up and down the strip to any of the malls or 5th avenue.

PLAYA BUS ROUTES (There are 10 bus routes)

Ruta Guadalupana

Ruta V. Riviera Guadalupana

Ruta circuito Norte

Ruta Vella Vista

Ruta 30-30 Soriana

Ruta Nicte-Ha

Ruta Juarez Mision de las flores

Ruta 10-30 Nicte-Ha

Ruta Villa Mar ll

Ruta Galaxia Plaza las Americas

Some rutas may pass to Wal-Mart. The colectivos travels on Playa to Cancun the prices is between $45 pesos or $60 pesos and stops each time to pick-up passengers and drop off some passengers all the time most in hotels like Playa Pariso,Mayan Palace,Puerto Morelos and you Make your destination to Cancun Downtown. The other colectivos travels to Playa toTulum is same thing stop each time to pick-up passengers and drop off each location like Puerto Aventuras,Barcelo Maya,Grand Sirenis,Akumal,Bahia principe, Xel-ha park, Chemuyil,Tulum Mayan Ruins,and you make your destination to downtown Tulum prices is between $50 to $60 pesos.