Buses cost $10 mxn (NO American coins) per person / 1 way. You get a ticket, but it doesn't mean anything. There are 10 ruta buses If you are traveling within the Centro zone playa then it really does not matter what bus you take.

It is in the downtown zone but only half the buses go there so ask before you get on).some may go to Wal-mart & the closest places you ask! Well, it now goes almost everywhere. You have to read the front right window of the bus as it lists where it ends up. R-1's will go to Villas del Mar, Wal-mart, Plaza soriana,the bus station & places I have never been.

Bus Tips Last man standing does not win anything. It means you will be flying soon. If you are the last person to pay the driver then before you can think about where you want to sit he will be going 78 miles per hour. Telling the bus driver where to get off is a good start but not always will it work.

Most do not speak English well enough to understand you. Have an idea of where you are going before you get on. Look for landmarks. They will not stop to let you off unless you ask them to. Don't assume they stop at all the stops. To flag a bus down you need to wave one of your body parts. Cheapest tour in Cancun so enjoy it.

Get on in the front and off from the back door whenever possible. Don't bring drinks on the bus as they will most likely end up on someone else. When getting off NO ONE moves for you so if the bus is packed, put your head down and push.

Exchanging Money All stores, restaurants will take US dollars and no travelers checks. Odds are however that the exchange will be in their favor. It is best to exchange your money first in either the bank (best options), exchange places (casa de cambio) or in the hotel (check the rate as most do not give you a good rate). NO ONE takes US coins, bills that are ripped, written on, taped up or glued back together. Helpful money converter