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Golf Events or Tours Activities In Cancun Rivera and Maya Mexico

Golf is one of the premium sports that people follow with passion. Cancun Rivera and Maya Mexico are star attractions as hoards of people flock in to catch their favorite Golf PGA Tour Tournament.

Welcome to Golf PGA Tour Tournament in Cancun Rivera Maya Mexico

A masterpiece as unique as the one who created it, this golf field is exceptionally great for golf tournaments. If you’re looking to visit this beautiful place to watch your favorite golf stars compete in PGA Tour Tournaments in Cancun Rivera Maya Mexico, it would be better to buy a personalized tour package or guide.

Speedy Shuttle Cancun – Providing the best golf tour packages Speedy Shuttle Cancun is the premium tourism transportation company in Cancun, Mexico as we provide the best, personalized golf tour packages. We are all about creating new and exciting tour experiences for people who visit Cancun, Mexico.

Our most popular golf tourism packages are –

Golf Event Mayakoba spanning 4 hours will cost $345.55 USD

Golf Event Mayakoba spanning 2 hours will cost $250.99 USD

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#Passenger Per Adult Rate Transportation VIP
7 AM 10:20 AM $355.99
10:30 AM 12:00 PM $280.78
12:00 PM 4:00 PM $255.55

Tours Prices Subject to 16% tax 

Note:Our Price per adult drops when the more adults you are.This group event just for VIP Services,12 people max per vehicle regardless of ages. 13 people or more, will require 2 or more vans and the rates will change. Feel free to email us with any questions